Mining Management
  • Administration of mining properties, from the formulation of the Mining concession application to the registration of the same in SUNARP.

  • Coordination and effectiveness of payments for the validity and penalty fees to keep mining concessions in good condition, as well as monitoring of compliance with contractual commitments in contracts of assignment or the option of transferring  mining concessions.

  • Assistance in the preparation and review of mining contracts.

  • Maintaining coordination relationships with the local Joint Venture.

  • Presentation of the monthly declarations - ESTAMIN - before the ministry of energy and mines.

  • Preparation and presentation of the Consolidated Annual Declaration - DAC - before the MINEM.

  • Elaboration of investment files for the request of easement of surface lands before the SBN.

  • Mining Due Diligence.

Enviromental Management
  • ​Elaboration of Environmental Baseline Studies.

  • Elaboration of FTA, DIA, EIAsd, ITS to carry out mining exploration activities.

  • Elaboration of files for authorization of water use.

  • Environmental monitoring programs and reports to DGAAM, OEFA and OSINERGMIN.

  • Elaboration of Archaeological Studies, including Archaeological Monitoring Programs.

  • Preparation of file to obtain the CIRA / PMA.

  • Elaboration of due diligence and audits  that will allow the integrated management of Health, Safety and Environmental procedures in the mining sector.

  • Preparation of reports of closure of exploration mining activities.

Social Management
  • Elaboration of Socio Economic Base Line Studies.

  • Elaboration  and implementation of community relations plans.

  • Organization of Public Participation Workshops for mining exploration activities (including brochure design, filming service, local rental, coordinating with local authorities, sending letters of invitation, accreditation of consultants).

  • Social license management, awareness programs and negotiation of surface land use.

Administrative and Logistics Management
  • Implementation of internal control procedures so that the client is in order before internal / external audits, SUNAT or state control agencies.

  • Elaboration of the technical file to apply to the investment contract with the Peruvian government for the early recovery of the IGV during the exploration stage. Implementation of the procedures that are necessary to obtain the benefit of the recovery of the IGV before SUNAT and support in the process of the audit by the MINEM.

  • Advising in the preparation of budgets.

  • Assistance in the preparation of expense reports.

  • Assistance in obtaining quotations and relationship with suppliers for the contracting of drilling services, metallurgical analysis laboratories, geochemistry, water, rental of machinery and equipment for land mobilization, field equipment, etc.

  • Support in the management of purchases / orders of service / office.

  • Assistance in the preparation of service lease contracts.

  • Assistance in processing payments (according to client's instructions)

  • Procedures for company incorporation and the obtaining of license of operation, search of offices, houses, schools, clubs for its foreign workers.

  • Advice in Mining, Environmental, Tax and Labor Matters.

Accounting Services
  • Assistance in the preparation of expense reports.

  • Preparation of the monthly cash book.

  • Process and issuance of accounting books: general ledger, principal and auxiliary.

  • Analysis of accounts and preparation of reports.

  • Preparation and issuance of financial statements on a monthly basis.

  • Financial statements analysis (per cost code and mining concession)

  • Determination of tax obligations. Timely delivery of the tax calculation.

  • Submission of tax filings on a monthly basis.

  • Attention to accounting / financial audits.

  • Information update of T-REGISTER.

  • Monthly payroll calculation. Preparation of payroll of employees.

  • Issuance of pay slips.

  • Process information for the payment of AFPNET.

  • Process the information for the PLAME payment.

  • Calculate the vacations, social benefits, overtime, bonuses and CTS of the employees.

  • Delivery service of the documents from the CLIENT´s office to CAVATO's office once a week.


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